Purely Pigments is the ultimate solution for artists seeking permanent colors with exceptional lightfastness. NO more fading or dulling over time. Our pure artist grade archival pigments, not dyes, ensure color longevity and brilliance. Work with ease and confidence, knowing that your artwork will remain clean and precise. Whether you're tinting epoxy, experimenting with pouring techniques, creating texture art, or working with acrylic mediums, Purely Pigments is the perfect companion

Dear Fluid Art Enthusiasts,

Are you constantly battling to find the right consistency for your paints, while ensuring that the colors remain vibrant for your fluid art projects? 

We understand the challenges you face, and we are here to provide you with the perfect solution.

We know that maintaining the ideal consistency and color integrity can be a challenge. 

Paint manufacturers recommend not thinning acrylic bottle or tube paints by more than 20%. 

Go beyond this threshold, and the color integrity cannot be guaranteed. However, as fluid artists, we often exceed this limit by thinning our colors up to 60-70% to achieve the desired consistency. It’s disheartening when your beautifully vibrant wet colors lose their brilliance and become dull after they dry. We’ve heard statements like “I hope it dries like this,” “The red was so pretty when it was wet, what happened to the color after it dried?”, and “Why do the colors look dull after they dry?” from fellow fluid artists like you.

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce Purely Pigments, the ultimate solution to your color dilemma. 

With Purely Pigments, you can restore the vividness and intensity of your colors in your paint pours with just a couple drops. 

Imagine having 5000% more saturated color than any tube paint, enabling you to add back color “lost”, by thinning down your paints, 

NOW, you may create breathtaking artwork that truly stands out.

No more worrying about the integrity of your colors or the disappointment of dullness after drying. 

Purely Pigments is here to enhance your fluid art projects and ensure that your colors remain vibrant and captivating, even after they dry. Say goodbye to unpredictable outcomes and hello to consistent, stunning results.