Welcome to ColorPlay by Leslie

Learn from Leslie Ohnstad, a professional colorist, the fundamentals of color mixing and blending.
Get ready to unleash your creativity and explore the endless possibilities of color!

Gain insights in an unvarnished environment ANYTHING can happen in a LIVE broadcast.

Discover the differences between Vivid Intense, Purely Pigments, BlingIT minerals VS other products on the market

Unlock the secrets of manipulating colors & create stunning visual effects.

Watch live replays mixing color in resin VS water-soluble paints.

Thanksgiving Surprise !!! First Video in NEW Live Series

Video Listings

Learn How To:

  • Alter colors by adding a touch of Vivid Intense Fluid Acrylics
  • Add back the color lost by thinning paints for fluid projects with Purely Pigments. 
  • Learn about Purely Pigments artist grade metallics.
  • What additives / special effects / How to use effectively 
  • Color Basics what colors complement each other ? 

Bending Lightwaves?  Did we just say that? Learn how the Interference coating “interferes” with the light changing the way your eyes see the color. 

  • Color theory basics and fascinating world of custom color mixing.
  • Why YOU NEVER ever  deepen a color with Black?

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