Transparent Epoxy Tints

Rich Translucent – Semi-Opaque Color dissolves instantly into resin creating iridescent shimmering colors. 



Rezin Arte “The Original” dry epoxy paint system, is our signature custom blend of pure ground color combined with pre-moistened shimmering minerals that dissolve instantly into your resin. 


Rezin Arte


Imagine solvent soluble colors bound to sparkling minerals with a green technology wetting agent that quickly dissolves the color

No more hassle, carefully mixing color coated mica in a viscous epoxy hoping the mica powder does not poof up in the air or worse your face.

Warning Rezin Arte is not compatible with acrylic seizes in water soluble media.


  • Rezin Arte Satin Pearls Colors: Mixed with fine particulate minerals that offer more coverage.
  • Rezin Arte Galaxy Diamond Colors: Mixed in large particulate minerals increasing sparkle and light refraction.         
  • Rezin Arte Brilliant Tints: Mix directly into Rezin Arte pigments to create custom colors. FOR Clear Tint: Mix ¼ tsp. dry tint with 3-6 drops of 99% alcohol, minerals binder will drop to the bottom of mixing cup. Next the add drops of pure color to your epoxy.


  • To lighten: most artists think add white. However white blocks the light and the refraction (sparkle) is subdued or erased
  • Lighten a dark turquoise: Mix interference blue up in the epoxy. 
  • Add a few grains on the RA small amounts at a time until desired color concentration is achieved. 
  • More interesting: Mix up Interference green, violet Or a color coated mica and add the color to desired shade.

To Deepen:  We recommend Vivid Intense Fluid Acrylics Permanent Artist grade colors 500 % more saturated than any bottle or tube paint. 20-40% more saturated than other fluid acrylics on the market 

Add a drop or two: 

  • To tint clear base 
  • To modify a color 
  • To intensify a color 

Rezin Arte will add pure magic to fine art and abstract projects. Clean up alcohol. For large projects, work in a well-ventilated area.



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