Watch ColorPlay YouTube Live (3) Days a week Handmade IN the USA Join Arte Of Color Club / Great Savings and Members ONLY Perks.
Watch ColorPlay YouTube Live (3) Days a week Handmade IN the USA Join Arte Of Color Club / Great Savings and Members ONLY Perks.

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Bonus Color: Venomous Viper |Maui Blue |Tiki Torch |Tangy Tangerine |Tickled Pink| |Molten Magenta| Magenta |Rubber Ducky | Fiji Violet | Leaping Lizard | Tango Mango | Citronella | Whispering Wisteria| Blue Kahuna | Luminous Lagoon | Groovy Guava |Sea Coral | Inferno Orange

Set#3 Purely Pigments

Purely Pigments Set # 3
Colors: Cyan Aqua, Oh Snap", Bit-of-honey, Berry Wine, Hugs and Kisses, Chocolate Drop, Cotton Candy, River Rock, Rusted Oxide,Peribelle, Sky Blue.

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Purely Pigments Basics Set

Introducing Purely Pigments, the ultimate solution for artists seeking permanent, pure liquid colors with exceptional lightfastness. Our artist-quality pigments are highly concentrated, ensuring vibrant and intense results every time.

Top Row: My Papaya, Vibrant Aqua, Golden Nickel, Pure Magenta, Perfect Peacock.

Bottom Row: Sour Apple, Holly Berry, Azure Blue, Mellow Yellow, Black Plum.

NEW|Set#2 Purely Pigments

Bakers Dozen 13 colors

Blood Orange,Lilac Lapis |Aztec Yellow| Oriental Blue |Green Shade Blue |Red Shade Blue| Electric orange | Royal Violet |Sap Green| Hickory |Old Rose|Mixing White |Bone Black

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