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For 20 years, ColourArte’s NEW colors were available for 6-8 weeks. Top sellers became permanent, the balance went into the Master Library vault.

On July 1, 2022 we added 160 colors. 

All 300 + colors are now sorted by color families. 

Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Violet, Green, Peaches, Pinks, Browns, Blackened shade, Opaque Tint’s, Neutral’s, and Frosts.

eddi the emu 300 wide 6 oo high

Hi! I’m Eddi the EMU

Every 24 hours I will be moving around to different pages . My goal for the next couple months is to familiarize you with the Master Library navigation and more.  

Act quickly I appear once every 24 hours. 

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Rezin Arte

Beach Pebbles &
Ocean Diamond

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Azure Mist , Purple sapphire, Pistachio, Sea foam ,Delphinium, Lotus Flower, Shooting Star, Butterscotch

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Aquamarine, Royal Amethyst, Green Apple, Tahitian Sunrise, Blue Moon, Jasmine, Stardust, Pomegranate

Rezin Arte

Rezin Arte Luster Pigments dry epoxy paint system is custom blend of pure ground color with shimmering micas and other minerals. 


ancient Metals

Pirates Bounty &
Sunken Treasure

Purchase Pirate's Bounty


Abalone Shell, Ember Fire, Solar Flare, Indian Spice, Muscatel, Forbidden Ruin

Purchase Sunken Treasure


Opalite, Crimson Lust, Mystical Mauve, Emperors Gold, Tiger Eye, Scarab Beetle

PrizmPour 6 Piece Sets

PrizmPour is a medium body acrylic paint, custom blended brilliant permanent colors, shimmering micas and other minerals. 

primary elements loose 30 ml

ColourArte’ s original “dry paint” system is designed to give the artist a toolbox of custom blended pure ground colors, mixed with shimmering micas and other minerals. 

primary elements Arte Pigments Sets

bling it

Pure Mica Pigments.

Color Magic custom blends, Interference and Sparkle Micas, Mettalic Blends and Giant Moonrocks. Mix our unique one-of-a-kind color into any acrylic available mediums or resin.

vivid acrylic mediums

Vivid Enamel 100% acrylic un-tinted multi-surface acrylic enamel |PolyPour 100% acrylic enamel blended with varnish |Vivid Arte-Fluid 100% acrylic emulsion 

videos to watch

NEW Secret Garden Revealed | 12 Primary Elements Colors

New Prizm Pour Pure Radiance Acrylic Paint by ColourArte for painting, pouring and resin art


PrizmPour Colors

Tropical Pearls & Iridescent Silks

Tropical Pearls
(6 Colors Total)

Colors: Bohemian Sea, Moody Lilac, Satin Doll, Whispering Wind, Shiny Taffeta, Wasabi 

Iridescent Silks
(6 Colors Total)

Colors: Minty Tea , Morning Light ,Misty Veil ,Fire and Ice ,French silk ,Mother of Pearl

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Cool Tones


Warm Tones (6 Colors Total)

Colors: Big-Apple, Golden Poppy, Orange Crush, Pink Carnation, Sour lemon, Sassy Sprite

Cool Tones (6 Colors Total)

Colors: Dark Waters, Deep Amethyst, Cerulean Blue, Blue Bonnet, Black Raspberry, Midnight Shadows

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ColourArte Products

Dry Paint System for Acrylic Painters

Multi Surface Metalic Acrylic Paints

Pure Mica Minerals

For Epoxy Artists

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