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Autumn Moon Set

Order in 30 ml Loose Colors


Aubergine ,Prussian Violet ,Warm Caramel ,Papaya Coco ,Bitter Lime ,Rhapsody Rose ,Fresh Pine, Harvest Moon, Aspen Leaf, Persian Teal, Nantucket Blues, Crabapple 

New Bling It Colors

Order in 30 ml Loose Colors

Midas Touch: Light Bright Midas Gold

Fire Opal:  Rusted copper in rainbow pearls 

Gold N Peach: Rich Gold in peach and rainbow pearls

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Primary Elements Winter Lights

Featuring Bolivian Blue

Bonus Color

Vivid Intense | Deep Violet

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Winter Lights Colors

Bolivian Blue, Bougainvillea, Raspberry Wine, Mystique, Mango Freeze, Jasper Red, Twilight, Sunset Glow, Tanzanite, Green Tea, Vintage Mint Black Cherry

Colourarte's Newest Release

New Product!

Vivid Intense

Fluid Acrylic

Created for artists who want a low-viscosity, pigment-saturated paint. Vivid Intense contain high pigment levels suspended in just enough acrylic polymer to flow 

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Colors: Dioxazine Violet, Hansa Yellow Light, Cobalt Aqua, Nickel Azo Gold, Pthalo Green, Green Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Quinacridone Magenta, Pyrrole orange, Quinacridone Red, Carbon Black, Titanium White.

New Primary Elements

Autumn Moon

Bonus Color: Gold-N-Peach

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Aubergine ,Prussian Violet ,Warm Caramel ,Papaya Coco ,Bitter Lime ,Rhapsody Rose ,Fresh Pine, Harvest Moon, Aspen Leaf, Persian Teal, Nantucket Blues, Crabapple 

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Puttin on the Glitz, Be Still My Heart,  Jelly Beans, Summer Sequins, Dragonfly Wings, Bright Blooms, Primary Colors, The Secret Garden, Starburst Galaxy, Wild Flowers, Rustic Autumn, Frosted Sorbet, Autumn Moon, &  The Big Enchilada 60 Pc set

New PrizmPour

Deserted Island
Tropical Splash

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Deserted Island Colors:

Wild orchid ,Triple Sec ,Sea Monster ,Saffron ,Agave ,Marooned.

Tropical Splash Colors:

Egyptian Blue ,Honeysuckle ,Deep Crimson ,Sparkling Aqua ,Indigo Violet ,Miami Magenta 

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PrizmPour Acrylic Paints

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Beach Bouquet, Indian Summer, Falling Leaves, Winter Wonderland, Jack Frost, Pure Radiance “Warm Tones”, Pure Radiance ‘Cool Tones”, Iridescent Silks, Tropical Pearls, Ancient Metals “Pirates Bounty”, Ancient Metals “Sunken Treasure’ Deserted Island, Tropical Splash,

New Bling It

Luminous Lights

Luminous Lights
Luminous Lights

Luminous Lights Colors:

Golden Maple,Harvest Fire,Violets-R-Blue,Boreal,Midas Touch

New Bling It

Iridescent Diamonds

Iridescent Diamonds
Iridescent Diamonds

Iridescent Diamonds Colors:

Violet Diamond,Blue Diamond,Gold Diamond,Green Diamond,Red Diamond

Rezin Arte

Beach Pebbles

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Colors: Azure Mist , Purple sapphire, Pistachio, Sea foam ,Delphinium, Lotus Flower, Shooting Star, Butterscotch

Rezin Arte

Ocean Diamonds

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Colors: Aquamarine, Royal Amethyst, Green Apple, Tahitian Sunrise, Blue Moon, Jasmine, Stardust, Pomegranate



Our Primary Elements master library offers our entire 300 + dry paint pigments sorted by following color families.

Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Violet, Green, Peaches, Pinks, Browns, Blackened shade, Opaque Tint’s, Neutral’s, and Frosts.

Click Images to View your favorite colors

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NEW Secret Garden Revealed | 12 Primary Elements Colors

New Prizm Pour Pure Radiance Acrylic Paint by ColourArte for painting, pouring and resin art

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