Vivid Intense Fluid Acrylics

Are highly pigmented, permanent colors with a high flow consistency. Produced from lightfast pigments, they contain no fillers or extenders. Vivid Intense Fluid Acrylics are ideal for pouring techniques, staining, brushing and for spraying.

Created for artists who want a low-viscosity, pigment-saturated paint. Vivid Intense contain high pigment levels suspended in just enough acrylic polymer to flow 

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How to use

Vivid Intense
Artist Grade Colors

Pure Permanent artist grade colors mixed in just enough medium surface tension acrylic to flow 

600 % more color saturation than PrizmPour 

500 % more color saturation than any tube or bottle paint 

Deepen or modify your favorite tube paints, or pigments 

  • To tint clear base 
  • To change or modify a color 
  • To intensify a color 

To Mix:

  • PrizmPour: Add a few drops at a time to modify or deepen colors 
  • Primary Elements; Mix up your PE then add a drop or two at a time to deepen or modify color. 
  • BlingIT: Mix up your minerals in media, then add a drop or two to modify or deepen color
  • Varnish : Mix 1 -3 drops one ounce of Varnish 
  • Acrylic mediums: Pour 1/3 oz of acrylic in cup, add 1-2 drops, mix color. Add balance (2/3 oz) of acrylic blend into smooth consistency. 
  • Heavy gel medium: Using a palette knife, mix 1-4 drops with 1/2 oz gel medium. Mix until color particles are broken down. Add balance 1/2 oz gel medium mix until color is evenly distributed. 
  • Glazing medium: Pour 1/3 oz glazing medium in cup. 1-3 drops, mix color into a paste.  Add balance 2/3 oz and mix into a smooth glaze.

modify or deepen paints or texture paste:

Add a drop or two at a time until the desired color is achieved.

  • To tint clear base 
  • To modify a color 
  • To intensify a color