Primary Elements Dry Paint

In 1997, founder Leslie Ohnstad, had a brilliant idea to develop a “dry paint” system made of translucent ground color and pure minerals.

20 + years later, we are the only company in the world to manufacture a true dry paint system compatible with all water soluble media.

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How to use

Primary Elements Dry Paint System

To Mix:

  • Gum Arabic: Use Equal Parts PE with Bind and Resist. Mix solution of 4 oz water with 1/2 tsp corn syrup. Add small amounts of solution to create a creamy watercolor paste
  • Varnish : Mix 1/2 tsp of PE to one ounce of Varnish 
  • Acrylic mediums: Pour 1/3 oz of acrylic in cup, add 1/4 tsp PE mix color into paste. Add balance (2/3 oz) of acrylic blend into smooth consistency. 
  • Heavy gel medium: Using a palette knife, mix 1/2 tsp PE with 1/2 oz gel medium. Mix until color particles are broken down. Add balance 1/2 oz gel medium mix until color is evenly distributed. 
  • Glazing medium: Pour 1/3 oz glazing medium in cup. Add 1/4 tsp PE to cup and mix color into a paste.  Add balance 2/3 oz and mix into a smooth glaze.

Please Note: 

Primary Elements should NOT be mixed directly into epoxy.

Unless the color is pre-dissolved, the water soluble color will seize up. 

We recommend 2-part Vivid Arte Fluid |1-part PE. Mix to a creamy paste, then beat in.resin. 

To lighten:

Most artists think add white. However white blocks the light and the refraction (sparkle) is subdued or erased

  1. Lighten a dark blue:
  2. Mix interference blue in binder.
  3. Add a few grains of PE colors small amounts at a time until desired color concentration is achieved. 

More interesting: Mix up interference green or violet. 

Or a color coated mica and add the color to the desired shade.

To Deepen:

Vivid Intense Fluid Acrylics 

Permanent artist grade colors 

500 % more saturated than any bottle or tube paint.

20-40% more saturated than other fluid acrylics on the market 

Add a drop or two: 

  1. To tint clear base 
  2. To modify a color 
  3. To intensify a color 

Blooms and Swipes:

Maximize light refraction in blooms and swipes by placing color on top of an opaque acrylic paint.

Not to be confused with white house paint, which mostly includes primers and fast drying agents that can draw the color down under house paint. 

Translucent and transparent tube or bottle paint can also be drawn down into USA house paint.

Mix our unique one-of-a-kind coloring system into one of our Vivid Acrylic Binders or the numerous other binders on the market to create custom blended acrylic paint, glazes, watercolors, textured paint, or impasto paints. 

Primary Elements will ADD PURE MAGIC to acrylic art, fluid art painting, and abstract paint projects. 

Clean up with soap and water.