Primary Elements
"Dry Paint" Pigments

In 1997, founder Leslie Ohnstad, had a brilliant idea to develop a “dry paint” system made of translucent ground color and pure minerals.  20 + years later, we are the only company in the world to manufacture a true dry paint system compatible with all water-soluble media.  HOW TO USE (click the link)

Primary Elements 'The Original"

As of September 2023, Colourarte will feature a different Primary Elements set at additional $10.00 off 

Sets that will remain available at normal pricing :

315-PC master set 

60-PC Big Enchilada 

12-Pc Bright Bloom sets in both 15 ml & 30 ml will be available 

All other Primary Elements sets will go back into the vault and will become available one time throughout the year.

Primary Elements