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Our 300+ custom crafted ‘Color bases’ vary drastically by weight. Many of our Arte Pigment blends have more color than mica/minerals. The goods news when using them we are measuring by volume Example ¼- ½ tsp to 2 oz of clear acrylic medium, not weighed out. In our efforts to streamline packaging/ single jar pricing/ and avoid shipping ½ empty jars OR charging more for one color over another, we offer our full jars of Primary Elements Arte Pigments (water-soluble) and Rezin Arte (solvent color) base for Epoxy/ in the following sizes. /30 mL, / 60 mL, / or 15 mL jars. Sets are weight specific weights/ same 12 colors. Weight will vary depending on color saturation and the various mica and other minerals

30 mL jars: 10.5 grams to 21 grams

15 mL jars: 6-11 grams

60 mL jars: 22-37 grams

Manufacturing hours of operation are Monday- Friday 7 AM- 4 PM


Packing your order: All of our products are hand-mixed- poured and filled

Normal timeline t0 pack: your order is 1-3 days to prepare your order for shipping

Normal shipping turnaround is 1-4 days to fill and pack your order

Domestic Shipping 2-4 days for and USPS to arrive

USPS international normal shipping timeline – 6 -12 days

USPS is Overwhelmed Due to the COVID pandemic and many of the public self quarantined at home USPS is overwhelmed –they shipping 3-5 times more than ever in the history of the Post Office, While doing their best to socially distance with fewer people to sort

Primary Elements Arte Pigments is one part of a two-part paint system

Imagine taking a tube of acrylic paint and splitting it apart


 Part One: is the color/ Primary Elements Arte Pigments – brilliant colors blended with shimmering mica and other minerals

 Part Two: Is the Binder/ In the case of acrylic paint you would need a high polymer acrylic emulsion to bond to your surface and essentially you have custom mixed your own paint similar to tube paint


FYI -All colorants and pigments require some sort of binder to adhere to the surface.

You sets include two Vivid Enamel and Vivid Poly Pour


Vivid Enamel clear Heavy Body acrylic base– high viscosity thicker than the average – Mix with Primary Elements to create a brush paint, for canvas painting- add a dash of Varathane varnish to the Enamel for the bloom technique. Fabulous used with brayer on mono printing painting on deli paper projects.


Vivid PolyPour ( recently improved thus the free bottle promotion) Clear medium body acrylic base with a dash of Varathane so it will bloom if you use with a cell activator made or Floetrol ( preferably AU Floetrol ) and Tube paint ( preferred brands Amsterdam and Golden) OR mix and use as a brush paint, use in acrylic swipe technique, Mix with Primary Elements -add a dash of water to the mixture and its ready to use in a Dutch pour


Primary Elements were NOT designed to add to a bottle of already premixed acrylic paint. The opacity of the tube paint blocks the light and brilliant light refraction you achieve when mixed with a clear base.


For some applications you may want just a wee bit more color saturation , you can add a dab of tube paint about the size of an 1/8 of blueberry – OR in the case of using an already mixed up tube paint


Mix ¼ tsp PE (Primary Elements) to the PolyPour, then squeeze in a dash of your pre-mixed tube paint


To lighten a color- DO not use white paint


We recommend using Bling it Interference satin or sparkle micas


IT is a waste of materials to add the interference into an already mixed up paint –Instead


Mix ½ tsp Bling it Interference color—- to 3 tsp of the Vivid Enamel or Poly Pour


Then add a few grains of the PE color you want to lighten


OR squeeze a dash ¼ tsp of your pre-mixed tube paint and you will make glorious shimmering pastel colors

Rezin Arte ( for epoxy ) and Primary Elements Arte Pigments ( for acrylic) are BOTH Dry Paint system–Color, mica plus other minerals –NOT mica pigments


IF you drop them on your carpet they will stain — and to answer you NO Rezin Arte contains a solvent color that dissolves in Epoxy- Mix them in acrylic you will create gumballs — Primary Element are water-soluble which is why they dissolver in Acrylic.

Both “Primary Elements” and “Rezin Arte” dry paint systems require a binder to properly adhere the paint to the surface

Rezin Arte– Solvent color -Dry Paint system – Translucent shimmering color dissolves in resin/ epoxy- clean up alcohol


Try mixing some of the Rezin Arte powder in alcohol – create an alcohol ink effect ( needs a binder) alcohol inks have binders making your own you’re going to want to varnish


Primary Elements Dry Paint system Dissolve in water-soluble bases such as acrylic-

we offer

Vivid Enamel heavy body acrylic medium

PolyPour medium body acrylic with pouring medium added

To mix into resin: pre- dissolve 2 parts Primary Elements – 1 part Vivid Arte fluid mi into a slurry you can mix into resin

Bling IT is neutral – Pure mica can go in both

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