Pure Minerals

For 27 years, we have created our signature blends with the highest quality of multi-coated pure minerals available in the world. BlingIt Pure minerals is a must have for every artist toolbox.

Use for its reflective properties, creating pearlescent effects that add depth dimension to your projects. BlingIt various particulate sizes create different clarity, coverage, and special effects while offering extreme color fastness and stability.

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BlingIt Categories

BlingIt Color Coated Magic (semi-opaque-refractive)

A proprietary blend of color coated pigments and refractive minerals offers maximum brilliance when mixing in your favorite media.  

BlingIt Interference,sparkle, diamond (translucent-refractive)

We offer pure colors and light refractive blends. Use the lighten colors by mixing the interference into your favorite media (resin, acrylic varnish, gel medium) then add small amounts of color (fluid acrylic, tube paint, Primary Elements) until desired color is achieved.

Tip: Definition “Interference coating interferes with the light which shifts & enhances how your eyes see the colors. Without light color cannot exist.  

Bling it Metallics (opaque-mirror like-reflective)

Custom blends of Iron oxide coated (gold, red, copper, bronze, ) minerals and other reflective minerals maximizing color brilliance.

Tip: Iron Oxide coating impedes light creating a “mirror like” reflection in lieu of refraction.  Best to use sparingly as the sit on the surface like a mirror 

Bling it Moon Rocks

Natural mica flakes in natural silver champagne color that can be custom colorized. Plus 12 proprietary color blends.  TIP: Color coating is water soluble & can reawaken. Be careful when adhering with gel medium.  Color is incompatible with epoxy and will not reawaken when creating a fabulous inlaid effect under epoxy.


To Mix:

  • Varnish : Mix 1/2 tsp of BlingIt to one ounce of Varnish 
  • Acrylic mediums: Pour 1/3 oz of acrylic in cup, add 1/2 tsp BlingIt mix mineral into paste. Add balance (2/3 oz) of acrylic blend into smooth consistency. 
  • Heavy gel medium: Using a palette knife, mix 1/2 tsp BlingIT with 1/2 oz gel medium. Mix until minerals are fully mixed. Add balance 1/2 oz gel medium mix until color is evenly distributed. 
  • Glazing medium: Pour 1/3 oz glazing medium in cup. Add 1/2 tsp BlingIt into cup and mix color into a paste.  Add balance 2/3 oz and mix into a smooth glaze.

To add or Deepen color:

We recommend Vivid Intense Fluid Acrylics Permanent Artist grade colors 500 % more saturated than any bottle or tube paint. 20-40% more saturated than other fluid acrylics on the market 

Add a drop or two: 

  • To tint clear base 
  • To modify a color 
  • To intensify a color 

BlingIt adds magic and sparkle to fine art and abstract projects. Work in a well ventilated area. Clean up with soap and water.