" Dry Paint' For Epoxy


In 2016, founder Leslie Ohnstad, began her journey to develop another signature “dry paint” blend. Rezin Arte is made with Epoxy friendly color & pre-moistened minerals bound with an Eco-friendly binder’ that dissolves instantly into resin. 

7 + years later, we are the only company in the world to manufacture an environmentally “green” dry paint system compatible with Epoxy. 

Rezin Arte
An Original



Imagine solvent soluble colors bound to sparkling minerals with a green technology wetting agent that quickly dissolves the color. No more hassle, carefully mixing color coated mica in a viscous epoxy hoping the mica powder does not poof up in the air or worse your face.


To Mix:

  • Rezin Arte Satin Pearls: Mix 1/2 tsp of RA per one oz epoxy resin. The fine particulate minerals offer more coverage.
  • Rezin Arte Galaxy Diamond: Mix 1/2 tsp of RA colors per one oz epoxy resin. The large particulate minerals will increase sparkle and light refraction.         
  • Rezin Arte Brilliant Tints: There are two ways to use the Rezin Arte matte tints. 1. Make custom colors by adding a few grains at a time directly into colors already mixed with the RA satin or galaxy diamond color until the desired custom color is achieved. 2. FOR Clear Tint: Mix ¼ tsp. dry tint with 3-6 drops of 99% alcohol, and the mineral binder will drop to the bottom of the mixing cup. Next, add drops of pure liquid color color to your epoxy.

Warning Rezin Arte is not compatible with acrylic and will seize in water soluble media. 

To lighten:

  • Most artists think add white. However white blocks the light and the refraction (sparkle) is subdued or erased
  • Lighten a dark turquoise: Mix interference blue up in the epoxy. 
  • Add a few grains on the RA small amounts at a time until desired color concentration is achieved. 
  • More interesting: Mix up Interference green, violet Or a color coated mica and add the color to desired shade.

To Deepen:

We recommend Vivid Intense Fluid Acrylics Permanent Artist grade colors 500 % more saturated than any bottle or tube paint. 20-40% more saturated than other fluid acrylics on the market 

Add a drop or two: 

  • To tint clear base 
  • To modify a color 
  • To intensify a color 

Rezin Arte will add pure magic to fine art and abstract projects. Clean up with acohol. Large projects, work in a well-ventilated area.