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.Big Enchilada 60 piece Primary Elements set




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Our original Primary Elements dry paint pigment collection are semi-translucent/translucent color families. When layering colors on top of each other, you see color shifting-thru color. Mix with Vivid Enamel or PolyPour our enamel varnish blend for your favorite paint projects/

For those of us doing fluid art many times, we are layering colors on the top of a WET WHITE paint base. The translucency of the PE when tilted and stretched creates a glazing effect on the edges of your artwork.

African Jade-Pale Green-Blue in a Green Pearl.

Beach House Blue-Teal Gray-Blue in a Blue Pearl.

Autumn Leaf-Burnt Orange-Brown in a Red-Gold Pearl.

Black Emerald-Antique Green-Black in a Green Pearl.

Blue Bayou-Brilliant Water Blue in a Blue Pearl.

Blue Flame-Rich Blue with a Violet-Blue Pearl.

Bolivian Blue-Deep Teal Blue in a Green-Blue Pearl.

Boysenberry-Rich Violet in a Blue Pearl.

Carmen-Rich Red in Shimmering Red Pearl.

Chestnut Brown-Warm Brown in a Gold-Copper Pearl.

Cinnamon Brown-Sheer Red-Brown skin in an Oyster-Copper Pearl.

Coral Berry-Luscious Coral-Pink in a Lilac Pearl.

Cranberry-Red-Violet Merlot in a Violet-Red Pearl.

Emerald-Emerald-Green in a Green Pearl.

Evening Primrose-Blue-Violet in a Blue-Violet Pearl.

Fern-Medium Fern Green in a Green Pearl.

French Lilac-Delicate Blue-Lavender in a Blue-Violet Pearl.

Ginger Flower-Hot Red-Violet in a Lilac Pearl.

Ginger Peach-Burnt Yellow-Orange in a Gold-Copper Pearl.

Guatemalan Green-Luminous Green-Teal in a Green-Blue Pearl.

Hot Cinnamon-Fire engine Red in a Red Pearl.

Irish Mist-Bright Kelly Green in a Green Pearl.

Jasmine-Hot Pink in a Violet-Red Pearl.

Key Lime-Brilliant Lime in a Green-Gold Pearl.

Kiwi-Bright Green-Yellow in a Green Pearl.

Love Struck-Deep Blood Red in a Red Pearl.

Majestic Blue-Vibrant Blue in a Blue Pearl.

Mango Mamba-Bright Yellow in a Red Pearl.

Mediterranean Blue-Light Blue in a Green-Blue Pearl.

Mystic Blue-Deep Blue-Green in a Blue Pearl with glints of Lilac.

Northern Lights-Pale Teal-Blue in a Lilac Pearl.

Nutmeg-Spicy Brown-Red in a Merlot-Copper-Gold Pearl.

Ocean Wave-Medium Cyan Blue in Blue Pearl.

Olive Vine-Earthy Green-Brown in a Gold-Red-Bronze Pearl.

Orange Peel-Bright Orange in a Gold-Red Pearl.

Passion-Red-Violet in a Blue-Violet Pearl.

Payne’s Gray-Dark Prussian Blue-Gray-lightens to–bro

Peacock Feather-Deep Phthalo Green-lightens to various shades of Teal.

Periwinkle-Pale Blue-Violet in a Blue-Violet Pearl.

Persimmon-Bright Orange-Red in Antique Gold Pearl.

Pink Azalea-Medium Pink in a Violet–Red Pearl.

Playful Peony-Pink Coral in Lilac Pearl.

Plumeria-Brilliant Pink-Violet in Violet Pearl.

Poppy Red-Warm Red in Golden Red Pearl.

Pretty Peridot-Chartreuse Green in a Green-Gold Pearl.

Rich Cobalt-Deep Blue in Blue-Violet Pearl.

Royal Orchid-Warm Lilac in Red-Violet Pearl.

Sky Blue-Bright Blue-Green in Blue Pearl.

Snap Dragon-Regal Violet in a Lilac Pearl.

Spiced Pumpkin-Antique Red-Orange in a Gold Pearl.

Stargazer-Lustrous Blue-Violet in a Green Pearl.

Sunburst-Brilliant high Yellow in a Gold Pearl.

Sunflower-Golden-Yellow in Antique Gold Pearl.

Tanzanite-Bright Violet-Cyan in color-shifting Violet-Pearl.

Teal Zircon-Bright Blue-Green in Blue-Green Pearl.

Vavoom Red-Cool Violet-Red in a Red-Lilac Pearl.

Wine & Roses-Deep Red-Lilac wine in a Violet-Red Pearl.

Vintage Mint-Light Sea Foam Green in a Green Pearl.

Yellow Rose-warm yellow is a red gold pearl

Wisteria-Light Lavender in Green Pearl.

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Dimensions 8 × 5 × 4 in