Primary Elements®
ColourArte’s s original Primary Elements “dry paint” art pigments were designed to give the artist a toolbox of custom-blended colors made by mixing pure ground color with shimmering micas and other minerals.

Mix our unique one-of-a-kind coloring system into one of our Vivid acrylic binders or the numerous other binders on the market to create custom blended acrylic paint, glazes, watercolors, textured paint, or impasto paints.

Primary Elements will add pure magic to acrylic art, fluid art painting, and abstract paint projects.
Clean up with soap and water.
For large projects please work in a well-ventilated area.

Colour Arte has also been a leader in creating shimmering liquid paints using the most exotic mica and shimmering minerals imported from around the world.

Add pure magic to your fluid art and acrylic painting projects.
The only limitation is your painting imagination.

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