Pink Parasol, Acrylic Paint, Pure

Pink Parasol, 30ml Jar Dragonfly Wing Set , Extreme Pastel | Arte-Pigment


Pixie Dust, 30ml Jar, Extreme Pastel | Arte-Pigment

Pixie Dust, Acrylic, Paint, Color, Fluid

Sea Goddess, 30ml Jar, Dragonfly Wing Extreme Pastel | Arte-Pigment


Pastel Green yellow in shimmering green pearls.



Our original Primary Elements dry paint pigment collection are semi-translucent/translucent color families. When layering colors on top of each other, you see color shifting-thru color. Mix with Vivid Enamel or PolyPour our enamel varnish blend for your favorite paint projects/

For those of us doing fluid art many times, we are layering colors on the top of a WET WHITE paint base. The translucency of the PE when tilted and stretched creates a glazing effect on the edges of your artwork.

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Weight 0.035 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.6 × 1 in