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. NEW Windy Winter PrizmPour 6PC | 2 oz. bottle


PrizmPour “Warm Tones” -Pure Radiance, 6PC Set: Big-Apple, Golden Poppy, Orange Crush, Pink Carnation, Sour lemon, Sassy Sprite

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. NEW Windy Winter BIG PrizmPour 6PC | 8 oz. bottle


Windy Winter Colors
Silver Leaf, Frozen Amethyst, Cinnamon Sienna, Kiwi Lime,Golden Azo, Bobbin for Apples

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Windy Winter
Silver Leaf: Silver and teal in sparkling green and blue pearls
Frozen Amethyst: Frosted violet in red violet pearls
Cinnamon Sienna: Beautiful Cinnamin – Sienna Brown combo in red and copper pearls
Kiwi Lime: Bright Lime Green in Gold and Green pearls
Golden Azo: Rich Nickle Azo Gold in red and gold pearls
Bobbin for Apples: Deep Red Violet in red violet pearls


Surfaces: Canvas, Wood, Metal Glass Perfect for Acrylic paint painting and Epoxy Fluid projects.


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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in