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Vivid Intense Fluid Acrylics 4oz | 13 Pc Set | Fluorescent Colors Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Blue-green, Coral, Pink, Orange, Magenta, Yellow-Orange, Red violet, Purple, Periwinkle. List Price 233.87


Fairytales Primary Elements15ml Jars, 12pc. set | (1) 8oz bottle Vivid Enamel / 24 scoops

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Vivid Intense Fluid Acrylics “Iridescent Pearls 1oz set | 10 colors Aztec Bronze, Burnished Copper, Tuscan Gold, Tarnished Rose Diamonds and Pearls, Opal colors: Gold Opal ,Blue Opal, Violet Opal, Green Opal, Red Opal. List Price 81.50


Aztec Bronze: Antique Warm metallic bronze

 Burnished Copper: Wine red brown with a touch of fire  

Tuscan Gold Deep metallic gold

Tarnished Rose: Metallic Rose Gold

Gold Opal – Interference gold mixed with opal effects

Blue Opal – Interference blue mixed with opal effects

Violet Opal – Interference violet mixed with opal effects

Green Opal – Interference green mixed with opal effects

Red Opal- Interference red mixed with opal effects

Diamonds and Pearl’s – Rainbow of diamonds with opal effects

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Vivid Intense “Iridecent Pearls” Fluid Acrylics

  • Highly pigmented and formulated to deliver professional artist performance at all skill levels and at an affordable price. Fluid Acrylics are flexible, intermixable, durable, and permanent.
    • Excellent tinting strength
    • Lightfast pigments
    • Permanent
    • Satin finish
    • Water-resistant
    • Superior adhesion
    • Quick and easy clean-up
    • Water-based
    • Made in the USA

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in

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