Boysenberry, 30ml Jar, Primary Elements Arte-Pigment

Boysenberry, 30ml Jar, Bright Blooms Set | Arte-Pigment


Desert Clay, 30ml Jar, Firefly Set | Arte-Pigment

Desert Clay, 30ml Jar, Limited Edition, Primary Elements Arte-Pigment

Mango Mamba, 30ml Jar, Wild Flowers Set | Arte-Pigment


Warm orange-yellow in sparkling red pearls.



Mango Mamba warm yellow in a red pearl.  This interference color with just a hint of red pearl adds sparkle and depth of a light spray of yellow to your acrylic fluid art painting.

Primary Elements, Colour Arte is a signature “dry paint” arte pigments system. Custom blended by mixing pure ground color with shimmering micas and other minerals. Mix our unique one-of-a-kind color into any acrylic in many available mediums. Primary Elements will add pure magic to acrylic painting, fluid art painting, and abstract paint projects. Clean up Soap and Water. Large project work in a well-ventilated area.

For over 22 years Colour Arte has forged a path in the paint industry by introducing a unique one-of-a-kind paint product. Colour Arte coined the term “dry paints” by creating pigments mixed with the pure ground color and shimmering minerals. Team Colour Art is proud to be producing pigment systems compatible with both resin and acrylic mediums.

Colour Arte has also been a leader in creating liquid pearl paints using the most exotic mica and shimmering minerals imported from around the world.  Add pure magic to your fluid art and acrylic painting projects. The only limitation is your painting imagination.

Mixing Recommendations:

Brush painting:

Mix 1/4 tsp – 1/2 tsp of Primary Elements mixed into 1-2 oz of Vivid Enamel acrylic medium. Brush paint or pour over glass metal, wood, and canvas. For Swipes and blooms: Add a dash of varnish to the mix to activate for swipe and blooms.

Tip to retain the shape of your lacing and cells in tack:

Add a dab (1/2 blueberry worth) of gel medium to plump up the consistency of color.

Mixing into Resin:

Mix two parts Primary Elements with one-part Vivid Arte Fluid dissolve well and mix into the resin.

Vivid PolyPour:

Multi-surface enamel premixed with varnish. Mix 1/4 tsp-1/2 tsp into 1 – 1 1/2 oz PolyPour

Glazing Mediums:

Add depth and dimension to your art by mixing into glazing mediums and touching up your art after it has dried.

Gel Mediums:

Add beautiful texture and sheen. Mix 1/2 tsp per 2 oz Golden or Liquitext gel medium.  Apply color with a pallet knife through a stencil or apply directly to the surface of your project.

Additional information

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Dimensions 1.5 × 1.6 × 1 in