Vivid Mediums and Binders


No matter what style of project, our mediums and binder will work beautifully with Primary Elements. BlingIt pure minerals, Vivid Intense Fluid Acrylics, or extend our Prizmpour paints. Or mix with any bottle, tube paint or mica pigment of you choose.  

Mix your own custom watercolors with Primary Elements and our Gum Arabic bind and resist. 

Pure un-tinted multi-surface acrylic enamel. Can be used on Wood, Canvas Glass and Metal. For best adhesion clean the surface before applying.


Pure un-tinted multi-surface acrylic enamel blended with polyurethane varnish. PolyPour can be used as a bloom base for the acrylic pouring technique.

Or as a regular glossy clear drying paint base: Mix with Vivid Intense Fluid Acylics, Primary Elements or Bling iT.

In addition, you can also mix with any pigment or tube paint of your choice. 


Pure acrylic no thickener
Consistency of skim milk

Mix 50/50 with water
Spray canvas to tighter

Mix 1 tablespoon to 4 oz water
Make a color spray with PE
Or as binder to flow PE over canvas and texture

Pre-dissolving Primary Elements to mix into Epoxy: Mix 2 parts PE 1 with part Arte Fluid mix down color into a creamy paste. Next beat into resin. 


Gum Arabic-Bind & Resist 1 oz.

  • Gum Arabic: Use Equal Parts PE with Bind and Resist. Mix solution of 4 oz water with 1/2 tsp corn syrup. Add small amounts of solution to create a creamy watercolor paste