How to Navigate the

Primary elements Master Library

Welcome to the Primary Elements Master library

Over the past 20 years ColourArte’s limited edition color releases were available to purchase for 6-8 weeks 

then the color went into the Master library vault.

Step 1: Click color family

Step 2: Click color description

Step 3: Add color to your cart.

 In the example below we are viewing the Violet color families. 

Click on Violet tab 

See “Violet-Red, Violet, Violet-Blue.”

Violet is the dominant color

 Red and Blue are the non-dominant. 

Open View by Color Descriptions, to see:

Color name| Set name if there was one | Ground color base | Pearl finish

Upon opening View Violet Red Color Description the top left color is

Pandora Star:  Rustic Autumn Set | Warm violet, pink | in Blue-Violet-Green Pearls.

Please note: Master Library Search Bar ( at top of page) 

Simply type a color name to search for a color.