ColorPlay Live Learn From Leslie Save 20% Code: purely20 Handmade in the USA
ColorPlay Live Learn From Leslie Save 20% Code: purely20 Handmade in the USA

Bakers Dozen 13 colors w/ Pre-Order Event  

Bonus Gift | BlingIt Gold Diamonds

Blood Orange,Lilac Lapis |Aztec Yellow| Oriental Blue |Green Shade Blue |Red Shade Blue| Electric orange | Royal Violet |Sap Green| Hickory |Old Rose|Mixing White |Bone Black

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Bending Lightwaves?  Did we just say that? Learn how the Interference coating “interferes” with the light changing the way your eyes see the color. 

  • Color theory basics and fascinating world of custom color mixing.
  • Why YOU NEVER ever  deepen a color with Black?

                                                     Learn How To:

    • Alter colors by adding a touch of Vivid Intense Fluid Acrylics
    • Add back the color lost by thinning paints for fluid projects with Purely Pigments. 
    • Learn about Purely Pigments artist grade metallics.
    • What additives / special effects / How to use effectively 
    • AColor Basics what colors complement each other ?  

Purely Pigments Artists Colors

HOT NEW Product Everyone is talking about

Purely Pigments Basics Set

Introducing Purely Pigments, the ultimate solution for artists seeking permanent, pure liquid colors with exceptional lightfastness. Our artist-quality pigments are highly concentrated, ensuring vibrant and intense results every time.

Top Row: My Papaya, Vibrant Aqua, Golden Nickel, Pure Magenta, Perfect Peacock.

Bottom Row: Sour Apple, Holly Berry, Azure Blue, Mellow Yellow, Black Plum.

Latest Retease PrizmPour | Windy Winter & Natures Palette

Nature's Pallette Colors: Rivers Bend, Misty Olive, Sundancer, Pink Tourmaline, Purple Indigo & Terra Rustica.

Windy Winter Colors: Bobbin 4 Apples, Silver Leaf, Amethyst on Ice, Cinnamon Sienna, Kiwi Lime, Golden Azo.


Fluid Acrylics

WHat is a Fluid Acrylic ?

Our fluid acrylics are created for artists looking for artists grade coloring system with high pigment levels suspended in just enough acrylic polymer to flow.

Vivid Intense Artist colors ( watch)

Vivid Intense Opal Colors (watch)

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