Antique Rose Gold, 30ml Jar, Bling It Mica Minerals

Antique Rose Gold, 30ml Jar, Bling It Mica Minerals


Fire Fly, 15ml Jars, 12PC Primary Elements, Includes (1) 8oz. Bottle Vivid Enamel

..."Fire Fly", 12-PC Primary Elements 15ml Jars Includes (1) 8oz. Bottle PolyPour and (1) 8oz. Bottle Vivid Enamel

Rustic Autumn, Primary Elements 15ml, 12pc. – Includes (1)8oz. Vivid Enamel


Rustic Autumn 12 Primary Elements colors

Colors: Mahogany, Blushing Pumpkin, Ceylon Cinnamon, Chrysocolla, Rustic Earth , Azure Moon, Eucalyptus, Spiced Plum, Pinky Swear, Enchanted Forest,Pandorra’s Star,  Oceanus,

(1) 8 oz Bottle Vivid Enamel

(24) Plastic Measuring scoops






Primary Elements Dry Paint Pigments are semi-translucent/ transparent color families when layered on top of each other you see color-thru color.

However, for those of us doing fluid art many times we are layering colors of the top of a WET WHITE  paint base. The translucency of the PE when tilted and stretched too far creates a glazing effect on the edges of your art which for some artists may go too light for your liking. Increased opacity helps the color sit on top.

Directions: Create your own acrylic paint Mix: 1/8-1/4 tsp Arte Pigment into 1 oz PolyPour OR Vivid Enamel clear paint base.

The best adhesion is a clean, dry, non-oily surface. Clean Up Soap and Water. Store in a cool dry place.

Rustic Autumn

Mahogany Rich: Redwood brown in shimmering red and copper pearls

Blushing Pumpkin: Bright orange with a hint or blush in golden and red pearls

Ceylon Cinnamon: Spicy cinnamon color in copper bronze and golden pearls.

Chrysocolla: Blue-Teal color in blue green pearls

Rustic Earth Warm Brown with hints of orange-red Pearl. ( replaced Candied Yams)

Azure Moon: Deep blue in Blue-green pearls

Eucalyptus: Rustic green with almost a silver leaf effect

Spiced Plum: Rich red plum with violet overtone in red violet pearls

Pinky Swear: Warrior Pink,” Pinky Swear” girl scout promise raising breast cancer awareness

Enchanted Forest: Warm Forest green in rainbow pearls (yes. pigment looks black)

Pandora’s Star: Warm Pink in Blue-violet-green pearls

Oceanus: Pale green teal in green pearls


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