Shy Rose is a great fluid art material to level up acrylic painting. A great colour to use for arte.

Shy Rose, 30ml Jar, Dragonfly Wings Extreme Pastel Set | Arte-Pigment


Be Still My Heart, Valentine Collection, 15ml Jars,12pc. Primary Element Set

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Rustic Autumn, Primary Elements 15ml, 12pc. – Includes (1) 8oz. PolyPour & (1) 8oz. Vivid Enamel


Rustic Autumn 12 Primary Elements colors

Colors: Mahogany, Blushing Pumpkin, Ceylon Cinnamon, Chrysocolla, Rustic Earth , Azure Moon, Eucalyptus, Spiced Plum, Pinky Swear, Enchanted Forest,Pandorra’s Star,  Oceanus,

(1) 8 oz. Bottle  PolyPour

(1) 8 oz Bottle Vivid Enamel

(24) Plastic Measuring scoops






Primary Elements Dry Paint Pigments are semi-translucent/ transparent color families when layered on top of each other you see color-thru color.

However, for those of us doing fluid art many times we are layering colors of the top of a WET WHITE  paint base. The translucency of the PE when tilted and stretched too far creates a glazing effect on the edges of your art which for some artists may go too light for your liking. Increased opacity helps the color sit on top.

Directions: Create your own acrylic paint Mix: 1/8-1/4 tsp Arte Pigment into 1 oz PolyPour OR Vivid Enamel clear paint base.

The best adhesion is a clean, dry, non-oily surface. Clean Up Soap and Water. Store in a cool dry place.

Rustic Autumn

Mahogany Rich: Redwood brown in shimmering red and copper pearls

Blushing Pumpkin: Bright orange with a hint or blush in golden and red pearls

Ceylon Cinnamon: Spicy cinnamon color in copper bronze and golden pearls.

Chrysocolla: Blue-Teal color in blue green pearls

Rustic Earth Warm Brown with hints of orange-red Pearl. ( replaced Candied Yams)

Azure Moon: Deep blue in Blue-green pearls

Eucalyptus: Rustic green with almost a silver leaf effect

Spiced Plum: Rich red plum with violet overtone in red violet pearls

Pinky Swear: Warrior Pink,” Pinky Swear” girl scout promise raising breast cancer awareness

Enchanted Forest: Warm Forest green in rainbow pearls (yes. pigment looks black)

Pandora’s Star: Warm Pink in Blue-violet-green pearls

Oceanus: Pale green teal in green pearls


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