Rezin Arte “first of its kind” Epoxy Dry Paint System. Another one of ColourArte’ s signature “dry paint” lines.

Rezin Arte Luster Pigments dry epoxy paint system is custom blended by mixing pure ground color with shimmering micas and other minerals. And is a combination of brilliant colors and minerals. 

Our signature “pre-moistened” Luster Pigments dissolve instantly into your resin. They are compatible with all epoxy resin, casting resin, and quick set resin.  

OUR Eco-Friendly GREEN formula boasts a limitless shelf life, contains no terpenoids or other solvents. Made in the USA.

Create custom colors by mixing with each other or by using our Rezin Arte Tints. Rezin Arte will add pure magic to fine art and abstract projects. Clean up with 79% or more % Alcohol. Large projects, work in a well-ventilated area.


Rezin Arte offers three signature Collections

Rezin Arte luster Pigments “Satin Pearls”

Rich Translucent- semi-opaque color dissolves instantly into resin creating iridescent shimmering colors 

Rezin Arte luster pigments “Galaxy Diamond”

Brilliant Sparkling color mix instantly into your resin. These colors shine like tiny diamonds NOT for the weak of heart. 

Rezin Arte luster pigments “Transparent Tints”

Create your own color combinations by mixing a small amount of the Tint into Rezin Arte Satin Pearls OR Galaxy Diamond colors.

CREATE transparent effects Mix ¼ tsp tint with -1/8 tsp of 79%- 99% alcohol. The mineral carrier will fall to the bottom of the cup. Pour clear concentrated color into resin, a few drops at a time until the desired color saturation has been achieved.

Rezin Arte luster Pigments “Satin Pearls”

Rezin Arte luster pigments “Galaxy Diamond”

Rezin Arte luster pigments “Transparent Tints”

For over 22 years ColourArte has forged a path in the paint industry by introducing a unique one-of-a-kind paint product. ColourArte coined the term “dry paints” by creating pigments mixed with pure ground color and shimmering minerals. Team ColourArte is proud to be producing pigment systems compatible in both resin and acrylic mediums.

ColourArte has also been a leader in creating liquid pearl paints using the most exotic mica and shimmering minerals imported from around the world.  Add pure magic to your fluid art and acrylic painting projects. The only limitation is your painting imagination.

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