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.Master Rezin Arte TINTS 60ml Jars | 12 PC set |Turmeric, Viola, Caribbean Sea, Red Raspberry, Bahama Mama, Clear Cobalt, Hibiscus, Hot Lips, Peridot, Playful Pansy, Grape Jelly Chili Pepper, List Price $179.88 | Your Prize $167.28


..”Kaleidoscope”, 15ml Jars, 12pc. Set

Original price was: $69.00.Current price is: $60.72.
.."Kaleidoscope", 15ml Jars, 12pc. Set

.Spiced Wine |60ml Jars 8PC Set& Amaryllis, Belize, Black Cherry, Blue, Clementine, Mistic Primrose, Pink Mink, Pretty Periwinkle, Queen Stiletto with Bonus Color Salted Caramel | Rezin Arte “Dry” Epoxy Paint | Suggested Retail $135,92


Spiced Wine

Bonus Colors: Salted Caramel

Clementine: Juicy orange color in Golden pearls

Black Cherry Wine: Red wine in Violet Pearl

Pretty Periwinkle: Blue-Violet in a shimmering blue pearl

Queens Stiletto: Bright Stiletto red in shimmering red pearl

Mystic Primrose: Deep blue Violet in blue-violet pearls

Amaryllis: Warm hibiscus red- in Multi- Color Diamond Base

Pink Mink: Hot Red- Violet in Multi-color Diamond base

Belize Blue: rich lagoon blue

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Rezin Arte Satin Pearls and Galaxy Diamond collections are not for the weak of heart.

We searched for the most unique and rare mica in the world to create our newest galaxy collection. This unique mica flake mixed with solvent color offers the glitz usually attributed to glitter. 

Our signature “moist” pigments dissolve instantly into your resin. Mix together to create custom colors. Compatible with Epoxy, UV Resin, and Clear Coat.  OUR Eco-Friendly GREEN formula boasts a limitless shelf life, and contains no solvents. Made in the USA.

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