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Blooming Paradise PrizmPour 6PC Set: 2 oz. bottles


. NEW Natures Palette BIG PrizmPour 6PC | 8 oz. bottle

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. NEW Natures Palette PrizmPour 6PC | 2 oz. bottle


Nature’s Palette Colors: 
Rivers Bend, Misty Olive, Sun Dancer,Purple Indigo,Pink Tourmaline, Terra Rustica.

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Nature’s Palette
Rivers Bend: Rich Phthalo Turquoise in blue and green pearls
Misty Olive: Gorgeous olive green in shimmering green pearls
Sun Dancer Warm Golden Yellow in red and gold pearls
Purple Indigo: Deep Violet in Indigo base in blue violet pearls
Pink Tourmaline: Warm Peachy Pink in red pearls
Terra Rustica: Incredible blend of deep red oxide and red violet in red pearls


Surfaces: Canvas, Wood, Metal Glass Perfect for Acrylic paint painting and Epoxy Fluid projects.


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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in