Iridescent Diamonds

.. Interference Diamonds 5-PC Set 30 ml jar t |Bling It Large Flake Diamonds “Interference” colors | Gold, Green, Blue, Violet & Red


Green Diamond 30ml Jar, “Bling It” Large Flake interference

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Gold Diamond 30ml Jar, “Bling It” Large Flake interference


Gold N Peach: Rich Gold in peach and rainbow pearls

30 ml. jar filled by volume Est. Pigment weight/ 25 total grams



Brilliant translucent Golden Diamond

Bling IT Mettalic mica is brilliant mineral blends that shift and change as they move and play with the light.

Fabulous in Resin/ Epoxy projects or your favorite acrylic painting projects.  The only limitation is your imagination!

Customize the colors by adding a few grains of your favorite Primary Element color or a ” smidgen” (a small smear) of favorite paint color rubbed on your paint stirrer.

The magical color possibilities are endless.

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Weight 0.035 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.6 × 1 in