Forbidden Ruin, "Bling IT" Metal Mica Blend

Forbidden Ruin, “Bling IT” Metal Mica Blend


Ember Fire, “Bling IT” Metal Mica Blend

Ember Fire, "Bling IT" Metal Mica Blend

Crimson Lust, “Bling IT” Metal Mica Blend


Crimson Lust Brilliant Metal Effects add a flash of sparkle to your resin or acrylic projects

Choose |30 ml or 60-ml jar| $ 11.50 -$16.50 |



Crimson Lust: Rich Red Metallic with bright RED sparkle


We searched for unique and rare minerals to create our signature blends The earth tone metal flakes add a multi-layer glitz effect attributed to glitter.  Mix together to create custom colors. Compatible with Vivid Enamel and PolyPour, Epoxy, UV Resin, and Clear Coat.

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Weight 0.035 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.6 × 1 in