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Laguna Azul, 30ml Jar Puttin on The Glitz Set | Arte Pigment


Venetian Red, 30ml Jar, Puttin on the Glitz Set | Arte Pigment

Venetian Red, 30ml Jar, Glitz Collection Primary Elements Dry Paint Pigment

Butter Toffee, 30ml Jar, Puttin on the Glitz Set | Arte Pigment


Burnt butter yellow brown in sparkling golden pearls



Butter Toffee: Antique burnt butter yellow in sparkling golden pearls

How are they different than our regular Primary Elements colors?

Our newest Primary Elements Glitz collection is the beginning of an exciting group of semi-opaque dry-paint pigment category. We have increased the color opacity, with even more SPARKLE and GLITZ than our original Primary Elements.

Our original Primary Elements dry paint pigment collection are semi-translucent/translucent color families. When layering colors on top of each other, you see color shifting-thru color. Mix with Vivid Enamel or PolyPour our enamel varnish blend for your favorite paint projects/

For those of us doing fluid art many times, we are layering colors on the top of a WET WHITE paint base. The translucency of the PE when tilted and stretched creates a glazing effect on the edges of your artwork


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Weight 0.035 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.6 × 1 in