Luv-U-Pink "Wild Flowers" Set, 30ml Jar, Primary Elements Arte-Pigment

Luv-U-Pink, 30 ml Jar Wild Flowers Set | Arte-Pigment


Wild Flowers |15ml Jar, 12pc set

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Bright Blooms | Primary Elements 12-pc set 15ml Jars



Set includes twelve 15 ml.  Colors Wine and Roses, Sky Blue, Sunflower, Poppy Red, Key Lime, Ginger Flower, Passion, Boysenberry, Coral Berry, Sapphire on Ice, Peacock Feather, Persimmon.

8 oz Bottle Vivid Enamel, (25) Plastic Measuring scoops



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“Bright Blooms ” 

Directions: Create brlliant iridescent paint Mix: 1 oz PolyPour ( Bloom base)  1/4 tsp PE “Primary Elements Arte Pigments” May also be used for brush painting or glazing effects. Best adhesion is a clean dry non-oily surface. Clean Up Soap and Water. Store in a cool dry place.

Color Description:

Coral Berry, Luscious coral-pink in a lilac pearl

Wine and Roses, Deep red wine in a violet-red pearl

Sky Blue, Bright blue-green in blue pearl

Ginger Flower, Red Violet Magenta in a lilac pearl

Poppy Red, Warm red in golden-red pearl

Key Lime, Brilliant lime green in a green-gold pearl

Passion, Red-Violet in a blue-violet pearl

Sapphire on Ice, Bright Blue in a Shimmering Blue Pearl

Boysenberry, Deep Violet in a Blue Pearl

Sunflower, Golden Yellow in rich golden pearl

Peacock Feather, Rich Phalo green in sparkling green pearl

Persimmon, Deep Orange in Red Gold Pearl


(1) 8 oz Bottle Vivid Enamel

(24) Plastic Measuring scoops



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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 in