...NEW "Be Still My Heart", 13pc. 15ml Jars, GLITZ set - Bakers Dozen - Primary Elements w/ 8oz PolyPour LIMITED EDITION set. OFFER ENDS 3/15/21

Be Still My Heart, Valentine Collection, 15ml Jars,12pc. Primary Element Set


Puttin on the GLITZ | BIG 30ml 12pc. set| Choose 32oz. Enamel OR PolyPour

. "BIG Puttin on the GLITZ", 30ml Jars, 12pc. Set - Primary Elements Choose (1) 32oz. Bottle Clear Acrylic Medium

Be Still My Heart | 30ml 12pc. set| Choose 32oz. Enamel OR PolyPour


YOU Choose (1) 32 Oz Bottle Vivid Enamel OR (1) 32 oz Bottle Vivid PolyPour

Colors:, Cupids Crush, Twisted Lemon, Bleeding Heart, Sassafras, Nebula Star, Tempted Tulip, Pink Lemonade, Fireworks. SweetTart, Huckleberry, French Kiss, Splendor in the Grass

Twelve/ 30 ml. jars filled by volume Est. Pigment weight/ 120 grams

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Be Still My Heart Valentines Set 

Cupids Crush Brilliant Cool Red with a flash of sparkling violet pearl

Twisted Lemon Bright yellow in yellow-green pearls

Bleeding Heart Warm Peach Color sparkling red pearls

Sassafras Warm Azo Gold- Brown in golden pearls

Nebula Star Rich Bluish green in blue-green pearl

Tempted Tulip Hot Pink in sparkling violet pearl

Pink Lemonade Warm Pink in red-violet shimmer

Fireworks: Bright orange in gold and multi-rainbow pearls

SweeTart Medium Blue in sparkling blue pearls

Huckleberry Blue Violet in violet shimmer

French Kiss Warm Violet in red-violet shimmer

Splendor in the Grass: Newgrass green in brilliant green


Be Still My Heart Valentines Set Comes with

twelve 30 ml jars/ 25 scoops/ 32 Oz bottle  OF Clear Acrylic Tintable Medium YOU Choose

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2 in