..."Fire Fly", 12-PC Primary Elements 15ml Jars Includes (1) 8oz. Bottle PolyPour and (1) 8oz. Bottle Vivid Enamel

Fire Fly, 15ml Jars, 12PC Primary Elements, Includes (1) 8oz. Bottle PolyPour and (1) 8oz. Bottle Vivid Enamel


Secret Garden, 15ml Jars, 12pc. Primary Elements – Includes (1) 8oz PolyPour (1) 8oz Vivid Enamel

Secret Garden, Primary Elements, Spring Collection

.Be Still My Heart, Valentine Collection, 15ml Jars,12pc. Primary Element Set, INCLUDES FREE Jar of Love Struck and Luna


Limited supply offer end 3/20/22 


Bonus Colors: LOVE STRUCK and LUNA ONLY 

Colors:, Cupids Crush, Twisted Lemon, Bleeding Heart, Sassafras, Nebula Star, Tempted Tulip, Pink Lemonade, Fireworks. SweetTart, Huckleberry, French Kiss, Splendor in the Grass


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Be Still My Heart Valentines Set 

Cupids Crush

Twisted Lemon

Bleeding Heart


Nebula Star

Tempted Tulip

Pink Lemonade




French Kiss

Splendor in the Grass

BONUS Colors

Primary Elements Love Struck

Bling IT Luna

Directions: Create brilliant iridescent paint Mix: 1 oz PolyPour ( Bloom base) 1/4 tsp PE “Primary Elements Arte Pigments” May also be used for brush painting

The best adhesion is a clean dry non-oily surface. Clean Up Soap and Water. Store in a cool dry place.

set includes (14) 15 ml jars(1) 8 oz.  PolyPour (1) 8 oz Bottle Vivid Enamel (24) Plastic Measuring scoops



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