Primary Elements

Arte-Pigments Sets

Sampler Set or BIG sets include: Twelve Arte- Pigment colors, one bottle Vivid Enamel & one bottle PolyPour + 24-pc set of  plastic  scoops

Master Library

300+ colors divided by color families. 

Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Violet, Green, Peaches, Pinks, Browns,

Blackened shade, Opaque Tint’s, Neutral’s, and Frosts.  

30 ml loose Individual Jar

Over  100 colors sorted alphabetically .

15 ml Individual Jars

24 colors in sampler size jars for beginners 

Primary Elements Arte pigments ColourArte’s original “dry paints” offers the artist a toolbox of custom blended pure ground color mixed with shimmering micas and other minerals. 

Create custom blended acrylic paints, glazes, watercolors, impasto paint by  mixing our one-of-a-kind coloring system into any water soluble binder including one of our Vivid acrylic binders. 

Primary Elements will add pure magic to acrylic art, fluid art painting, and abstract paint projects. Clean up with soap and water. For large projects please work in a well-ventilated area.

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