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Creating Texture & Opal droplets in Resin.

Created for artists who want high pigment loaded artist grade colors in a low-viscosity base . Vivid Intense contains high pigment levels suspended in just enough acrylic polymer to flow

Welcome to the ColorPlay Live Classroom 


Materials Required:

ColourArte Products used in order: 
ColourArte Products Used: 
Purely Pigment “Metal” Color: Cerulean Sea 
Primary Elements Pink Parasol
Rezin Arte Delphinium
Rezin Arte Aquamarine –
Purely Pigments-Vibrant Aqua 
Bling It Golden Maple
Vivid Intense: Nickle Azo Gold  Bling It

Step 1: Setting the Canvas

Setting the Canvas. Video time code (00:22)

Step 2: Mastering the Mix


When working with epoxy, be sure the room is a well ventilated area. Even though many companies state LOW VOC or No VOC Please take proper precautions and always wear protective masks and gear. 

Alcohol is your cleaning agent for spills and it is most handy keep a spray bottle of 79% on my table and plenty of paper towels. 

I wear three Gloves on my right hand and at least two on my left. That gives a way to pull off a glove prior topical g up your heat gun. 

Primary Elements Fennel Flowers. Video time code (2:58)

Immerse yourself in the enchanting art of paint mixing using ColourArte pigments. Handpick the perfect pigments, such as Sea Dancer, Fennel Flowers, Persimmon, Key Lime, and Baltic Amber, and equip yourself with pots, spoons, and water for precise blending. Embrace the magic of fluid art with four distinct acrylic bases and pouring mediums – Vivid Enamel, Vivid PolyPour, and craft glue mixed with Liquitex pouring medium. Utilize craft glue pouring medium for intricate sunflower segments, while employing Vivid Enamel and Vivid PolyPour for captivating background swipes.

Step 3: Achieving Fluid Perfection

Craft fluid consistency with finesse by skillfully combining ColourArte pigments with the selected pouring mediums. Follow Taslima Maya’s expert guidance, emphasizing the use of Vivid PolyPour for a seamless and easily pourable paint mixture. This technique allows you to achieve breathtaking sunflower petal effects effortlessly.

Step 4: Elevate with ColourArte Pigments

Applying the Pouring Medium. Video time code (9:13)
Primary Elements Presimmon. Video time code (10:02)

Enhance the allure of your artwork by infusing ColourArte pigments like Persimmon, known for its shimmering brilliance. Experiment with these pigments by gently sprinkling them onto poured paint or blending them for added depth and texture.

Step 5: Unleashing the Artistic Magic

Primary Elements Key Lime. Video time code (9:13)

Unleash the artistic magic of fluid art by creating captivating backgrounds using pigments like Key Lime. Introduce the mesmerizing effects of Vivid PolyPour pouring medium to breathe life into your sunflower paintings.

Final Output

Embark on a creative journey with fluid art and ColourArte pigments, and witness your sunflower masterpieces come alive. Unlock your artistic potential by experimenting with various pigments, pouring mediums, and techniques. With ColourArte’ s high-quality dry paints, your sunflower artwork will radiate with vibrant colors and dynamic textures. So, dive into the enchanting world of fluid art, and let your imagination bloom with the captivating pigments from ColourArte.

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