Pure un-tinted multi-surface acrylic enamel. 

Can be used on Wood, Canvas Glass and Metal. For best adhesion clean the surface before applying.


– Mix 1/8-1/4 tsp pigments w/one oz. Vivid Enamel for acrylic paint-based projects.                    

– Add varnish for the acrylic pouring bloom and swipe techniques, 1 tsp with 1 TBSP of Vivid Enamel

– Add a dash of Liquitex pouring medium or GAC 800 for other projects. 


Pure un-tinted multi-surface acrylic enamel blended with varnish can be used as a bloom base for the acrylic pouring bloom technique. 


– Use a small amount to moisten the pigments, (do not use a wetting agent)          

pour 1/3-1/2 of the total amount you plan on using into a cup.

– Mix pigments into a paste and allow the colors to dissolve.

– Add the balance of the PolyPour to your cup and mix until it is all smooth. 

TIP: Pigments Versus tube/bottle paints 

Tube and bottle paints are produced with thickeners in the acrylic base. 

If you mix your tube paint and pigments with the exact same acrylic blend, the tube/ bottle paint will be thicker.

Color Consistency

No matter what style of project, the tube/bottle paints and pigments need to be identical in consistency or they dry at different rates and your paint will crack while drying.

Thicker paint sinks into thinner colors.

How do I fix it?

Artists tend to thin the tube/ bottle paint down further to match the viscosity of the pigments. 

However, the thinner your color mix is the bigger the chance of cells and lacing falling as it is drying. 

When a heavier cell activator or catalyst is used it will sink into the thinner colors below.

You want to do the reverse, Plump up the pigments 

Add a small pea size of heavy gel medium to the pigment colors, not the tube paints.         

1/2 blueberry worth mixed into the cup of pigment color will thicken your pigment mix.

Cells and lacing will hold up better and all areas of your painting dry at the same rate.

ColourArte has also been a leader in creating shimmering liquid paints using the most exotic mica and shimmering minerals imported from around the world.  Add pure magic to your fluid art and acrylic painting projects. The only limitation is your painting imagination.

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