.PrizmPour "Falling Leaves", 6pc. Set - Twilight Violet-Apple Cider-Frozen-Bonfire-Pink Lady-Water Dragon 

Falling Leaves, 6pc. Set – Twilight Violet-Apple Cider-Frozen-Bonfire-Pink Lady-Water Dragon 


Winter Wonderland 6PC Set: Poinsettia, Mayan Gold, Peacock Baltic Amber, Ambrosia, Royal Galaxy

..NEW PrizmPour "Winter Wonderland" 6PC Set

Indian Summer, 6pc Set: Indian Summer- African Violet-Northern Skies-BlueVelvet-Claret- Fandango- Tuscan Sun


PrizmPour 6-piece set in 2 oz bottles

Indian Summer- African Violet-Northern Skies-Blue Velvet-Claret- Fandango- Tuscan Sun 



Prizm Pour®



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Indian Summer-PrizmPour 6-piece set in 2 oz. bottles:

African Violet Deep Violet in Blue Pearl

Northern Skies medium blue in Violet Pearl

Blue Velvet Deep Blue in Blue Pearl

Claret DRY red wine in red pearl 

Fandango-Bright lime green in green pearl

Tuscan Sun – warm yellow in red pearl 


Suggested mixing recipes

Open Cup/Ring and Flip Pour

  • 2-parts American Floetrol
  • 1-part PrizmPour      

Dutch Pour

  • 2-parts Floetrol
  • 1-part Liquitex PM or GAC 800 (thin more if needed).
  • 1-part Prizm Pour           

Blooms and Swipes w/cell activator

  • 2-parts PolyPour
  • OR 2-parts Vivid Enamel dash of Varnish
  • 1-part PrizmPour

Fabric painting

  • 1 tsp of fabric medium or glazing medium
  • (increase flow off the brush)
  • 1 Tablespoon PrizmPour                                                        

Surfaces: Canvas, Wood, Metal glass perfect for Acrylic paint painting and Epoxy Fluid projects.


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