.BIG "Falling Leaves", PrizmPour, 6pc Set, 8oz. Bottles

.BIG “Falling Leaves”, PrizmPour, 6pc Set, 8oz. Bottles


.PrizmPour “Indian Summer”, 6pc Set

.PrizmPour "Indian Summer", 6pc Set

.PrizmPour “Falling Leaves”, 6pc. Set – Twilight Violet-Apple Cider-Frozen-Bonfire-Pink Lady-Water Dragon 


PrizmPour Acrylic Paint  6-piece set in 2 oz bottles

Falling Leaves – Twilight Violet- Apple Cider-Frozen-Bonfire-Pink Lady – Water Dragon 



Prizm Pour®


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Falling Leaves –

Twilight Violet Rich Red Violet in a violet Pearl

Apple Cider-Warm Cider Brown in multi colored pearl

Frozen-Bright Blue in Blue Pearl 

Bonfire-Bright red-orange in red pearl 

Pink Lady-Warm Coral Pink in Violet Pearl

Water Dragon Blue-Green in Green Pearl 


Suggested mixing recipes

Open Cup/Ring and Flip Pour

  • 2-parts American Floetrol
  • 1-part PrizmPour      

Dutch Pour

  • 2-parts Floetrol
  • 1-part Liquitex PM or GAC 800 (thin more if needed).
  • 1-part Prizm Pour           

Blooms and Swipes w/cell activator

  • 2-parts PolyPour
  • OR 2-parts Vivid Enamel dash of Varnish
  • 1-part PrizmPour

Fabric painting

  • 1 tsp of fabric medium or glazing medium
  • (increase flow off the brush)
  • 1 Tablespoon PrizmPour                                                        

Surfaces: Canvas, Wood, Metal glass perfect for Acrylic paint painting and Epoxy Fluid projects.


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Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 5 in

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