.BIG "Beach Bouquet", PrizmPour, 6pc Set, 8oz. Bottles - Violet Rose, Chantilly Lace, Royal Sapphire, Neptune's Gaze, Pink Diamond & Peach Dahlia

.BIG “Beach Bouquet”, PrizmPour, 6pc Set, 8oz. Bottles | Includes Pink Diamond


BIG “Falling Leaves”, PrizmPour, 6pc Set, 8oz. Bottles: Includes Twilight Violet

.BIG "Falling Leaves", PrizmPour, 6pc Set, 8oz. Bottles

.BIG “Indian Summer”, PrizmPour, 6pc Set, 8oz. Bottles | Includes Northern Skies


African Violet-Northern Skies-Blue Velvet-Claret- Fandango- Tuscan Sun

Prizm Pour®


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Indian Summer – 80z Bottle 6PC set ( new image coming next week) 

African Violet Deep Violet in Blue Pearl

Northern Skies medium blue in Violet Pearl

Blue Velvet Deep Blue in Blue Pearl

Claret DRY red wine in red pearl 

Fandango-Bright lime green in green pearl

Tuscan Sun – warm yellow in red pearl 

Surfaces: Canvas, Wood, Metal glass perfect for Acrylic paint painting and Epoxy Fluid projects.


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